Hearthstone Legends #1 | Nasos “Cursed” Papadimitriou is the winner!

Congratulations to Nasos “Cursed” Papadimitriou for winning the first Hearthstone Legends tournament! He managed to outperform everyone and earned 300 Euros for his victory!

In the Quarterfinals he faced his fellow ghost Giannis “Athanas” Athanasiou (3-1), in a nail bitingly tense game! Knowing each other so well lead to some tough decisions for both of them as they battled it out for the for the chance in the semi-finals!

After his hard fought win, he faced Dimitris “GrJim” Kalantzis (3-1) coming out on top giving him a chance for the final. The last match was against Nikolaos “Turbon1ck” Karousos (3-1). Both are two young guns of the Greek Hearthstone Community with a hell of a lot of potential, however Cursed proved himself leading to his win overall!