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You! Yes you, that you are reading this post!

Are you bored of the current meta? Do you have the feeling that playing in Legend is irrelevant nowadays and you prefer to chill in Rank 5? Do you need something new and fun to enjoy the game?

Greek Streamer Skouliki offers you EFFORTESSLY, UNCRITICALLY and ABASHED, some of the funnest decks that exist this period! These decks can’t win long-term, even if Blizzard’s CEO had ordered it, but they will keep you interested in the game.

Relax and get ready to irritate all the opponents that haven’t learned to play around some specific cards.



When Rise of Shadows first released, this deck seemed very promising, but never found a spot in the current meta and with a reason. Even with the buff to Gloop Sprayer the winrate of this deck remains under 50%.

This deck depends solely on one card and the synergies it has with other specific ones. Faceless Manipulator, Gloop Sprayer and Floobbidinous Floop, can copy this “special” card and create an impenetrable wall of X Lucentbarks, that will resurrect with the use of heal cards like: Crystal Power, Healing Touch, Zilliax and Ancient of Lore.

Your winning condition depends on drawing as many Removal and Taunt cards lady luck provides you, to endure till late game and use Lucentbark, so you can fight back.

The biggest enemy of this deck are all the silence cards your opponent may have and if he uses Hex or Polymorph, then it’s time for your bottom right buddy! Don’t waste your time, concede 🙂

Against Aggro Decks, the combo: Vargoth + Witching Hour (2x Witchwood Grizzly) is lifesaving and against a Control Warrior, the use of Alexstrasza on your portrait will give you more value, more times that you can first-imagine. Other very important key combos, to get extra valuer, are Keeper Stalladris with Crystal Power or Wrath.

Wild Pyromancer, Wild Growth, Crystal Stag and Starfall are other interesting cards you can include in this deck.

Nature’s blessings upon you!


Deck Code: AAECAZ8FCM8G+gaiCfH+AqCAA72GA9aZA4qaAwuMAdwD/PwC+/4Ci4AD7IYD+ZMDkJoDtJsDhpwDg6ADAA==

I am in love with Big Paladin! One of the most fun + rewarding decks the current meta has to offer and I still believe that this deck with small changes can break the barrier of 50% win rate. This deck has it all: Draws, buffs, spells and huge minions to send at the face of your opponent!

Call to Adventure is a must, in the mulligan round, as it will allow you to draw a buffed Vargoth in the 4th round, followed up by double Duel in 5th. This can lock you the game, cause not a lot of decks can compete against the power of your minions.

This deck is optimal in destroying some combo decks, such as Shirvallah and Shudderwock your opponent may have, or even better, it allows you to concede early if you lose a duel against a Mage Mountain or a Sea Giant. Removing the pleasure from a Mage Opponent that has his Conjurer’s Calling ready and his mouse cursor on the Hello! emote, is priceless!

If you don’t feel you are good enough of a player to draw the previous combinations, don’t frown! You can still use Prismatic Lens and possibly reduce the cost down to 0 to some of your very scary minions. Having a 9/7 Mech with Divine Shield or Y’Sera with 1 mana cost staring a Warrior at round 5, or a Batterhead against an aggro board is very soul relaxing.

The weapons you have in your arsenal, the secrets and Concetration will help you control the board at early game and on top of that you have some healing in your deck to stay alive. If everything else fails, you have Kangor’s Endless Army up in your sleeve, to resurrect 3 mechs that died earlier and give Uther the retribution he always seek.

Mountain Giant and Alexstraza are cards that can be included in this deck.

Well Met!



Size does matter! This deck can actually work in the ladder and can have a winning percentage!

The greatest weakness this deck has, are the limited threats you have available. This threat-void is filled with cards like Eureka, Ancestral Spirit and Big Bad Wolf, that will provide you with extra copies of minions, or resurrect some or replace some minions with stronger ones.

Witch Hagatha is the MVP of this deck, so she is a must keep in the mulligan round. Even against an aggro deck, if you survive till 8th round, she can out-value the board with her passive power. Other mulligan-keep-favorite cards are Muckmorpher and Hagatha’s Scheme (always keep this one!). Against Mage Hex is important and if you face a mech deck, Earthshock is valuable.

This deck seems very simple to use, but it needs a lot of practice and good knowledge of the state of the meta, for someone to be able to predict the next move of his opponent and understand when it is correct to sacrifice a minion and when to use a removal card.

Totemic Smash, Zap, Rain of Toads, Ancestral Healing and Spirit of the Frog are some interesting cards you can add in this deck.

The Curse Take You!

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